Monday, July 17, 2006


A couple of announcements.

First of all, next Monday, July 24, kicks off the third Christian SF/F blog tour, this time led by yours truly, highlighting Christian Fandom. I'm thinking we'll do Monday-Wednesday-Friday that week, more or less depending as always on individual interest.

Secondly, several of us who hang out on the SF/F forum at ACFW have started a corporate blog just for the purpose of discussing speculative fiction and faith issues, called--what else?--Speculative Faith. I'll probably be a not-so-active poster, but it'll be lots more of what we do on the blog tours and what I've been doing here off and on.

This week I hope to get posted a couple of entries I wrote while on vacation, one on SF and romance, in which Karen expressed an interest, and another explaining why I referred to Jerry Jenkins and Robert Jordan as "luminaries." :-)


  1. So who can join the tour?

    And what do we do if we join?

  2. Ok, count me in!