Here we go ...

Yikes. My thoughts online ... again. *shudder*

I just overheard my 11 yo daughter playing house. More specifically, she's playing ME. I've never heard her do this before, at least not in this way ... but she was engaged in a pretend phone conversation with 7 yo daughter across the room, quizzing her on how everyone is doing, is the babysitting going well, etc. Then I heard her say, "I'm working on editing my book ... yes, it will take me a while; writing a book isn't a quick job, you know?"

Double yikes. :-)


This has been a roller-coaster week.

Saturday, July 2. Duncan would have been 6. Where has the time gone, O Lord? And how incredible the path You've brought us down ... the healing, the blessing, the comfort!

Dad and the two older boys trekked to Wal-Mart and bought the cake. They had Duncan's name done in icing over a rainbow, and all eight "here on earth" children insisted on candles and singing. I couldn't sing ... too choked up.

How sweet to see the family accept and embrace the journey the Lord has had for us--to know they love and miss their sibling who went on before them. (

Sunday, July 3. Our eighteenth anniversary. My back was enough better that I made it through church and our Independence Day picnic. Troy had been up since 5 am roasting the half hog someone donated to the church, so I let him nap, then we went out for dinner. Very nice. The best part was when he asked me over dinner, what was my favorite moment from the past 18 years?? Ooh, a hard one. Probably Cameron's birth first (our "instead-of" baby after Duncan) ... then the other children's births ... a few key moments in the healing of our relationship ... oh, there are too many to just pick one. :-)

Monday, July 4. First-round finals of the Noble Theme contest for unpublished novelists, sponsored by American Christian Fiction Writers (a wonderful organization for published and unpublished writers alike! ... results are FINALLY posted! The top ten in the SF/F category are:

Beth Goddard
Ronie Kendig
Lee S. King
Shannon McNear
Jill Nelson
Kristine E. Pratt
Sara Probasco
Lynette Sowell
Lisa Tuttle
Dwight Young

I'm elated ... shocked at who didn't make the list ... overwhelmed, awed. Thank You, Lord!!! And I'm terrified, all over again, at how badly I "want" this one ...

In Your time, O Lord. And according to Your plan, only. Let my impatience not drive me, nor my pride.

July 5, 6, 7 ... a blur. Troy took a vacation week to get some things done ... wait, I'm missing something. Oh, yes ... I wish I could block the rest of the week out of my memory. *sigh* I managed to thoroughly tick off my husband ... then alienate a good online friend ... and speak unwisely on at least three other occasions. Dear Lord, help me to keep my mouth shut! "Look how great a fire a little member kindles!"

Today, however, I was able to reconcile with an old friend, confess some long-held bitterness and both extend and receive forgiveness. That's far more than I expected when I hauled myself out of bed this morning!


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