Not stuck anymore!

I'm writing! I'm writing!

And it's the new story ... I wrote 628 words last night of a completely new scene.

What I did? Switched POV. The main protag is male, the father of ... several. (Gee, wonder where I get my model for that?) But for a few weeks now, I've had a female POV floating around my thoughts, as well--that of his oldest daughter, who is destined to be ... well, I probably better not give that away just yet. So, after leaving the main POV character hanging, I started the next scene in hers ... and it just flowed.

Thank you, Lord! I love it when that happens.


Speaking of ... Bible study today was amazing. We studied a section of Revelation 12, and the main idea is that throughout the span of our lives--the WAS (our past), the IS (our present) and the IS TO COME (our future), God also is the One who WAS, who IS, and who IS TO COME. He is the Eternal Presence, the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End--and when we struggle with all those things that are in our past (which we all do at some time or another), we can rest in the fact that God has redeemed all--including the WAS in our lives--and He has the ability to use all of that to our good.

I'm not explaining nearly as well as Beth Moore does. For a better idea, check out her study Beloved Disciple. It's based on the life of the apostle John, and focuses on his incredible intimacy with Christ, during His ministry, all through the Crucifixion, and all that came afterwards.


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