Spiritual transition, part 1

It has been my observation that whenever someone is in a time of spiritual transition, life has a tendency to get really . . . interesting.

Last week—actually a bit longer than a week—was one of those for me. I confess I found myself wondering often what God has waiting around the corner. To say the week, and then some, was intense would be an understatement.

The irony of what I was experiencing didn’t strike me till later in the week, when the tide of emotion and drama was starting to ebb a little.

I’m about a third of the way through my new book. Most of you already know that I’m writing the first prequel to my original novel—what will be properly the first of the series, Lord willing—the story of how the Gift itself was given. This story has been quite a shock to write, so far . . . more of an adventure than I would ever have guessed. I’m just finishing up a stretch where the main character leaves his family and seeks solitude, trying to figure out just what’s happening to him. While he’s out in the hills alone, he has vision after vision poured upon him, in preparation for what’s to come, and during the process is, naturally, quite overwhelmed.

I realized that I’ve had a taste of what that must feel like. A few weeks ago, the second-round results for the Noble Theme contest were announced. I didn’t make it. Yes, I went through the inevitable disappointment, but the Lord prepared me so graciously for it (including an almost direct word, that “not being ready doesn’t mean failure”), and I realized that what I’d prayed for originally in regards to the contest—that He’d give me direction on my first novel, one way or another—did indeed happen. I’m completely at peace now about setting aside the first book, for whenever the time IS right. I don’t have the emotional energy or, perhaps, enough skill in the writing craft, to achieve what I see the book needs to reach its full potential . . . and as the centerpiece of the series, it deserves a little better, I think, than I’ve been able to give it so far.

So . . . here I am, writing the book I sense might hold a turning point for me (I hope . . . I pray . . . we’ll see . . . ) . . . and almost 2 weeks ago, I start getting small confirmations that, yes, this is what I’m supposed to be doing.


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