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ACFW rocks! (but our God rocks more!)

What an incredible week ... what an incredible event! Thursday thru Sunday marked the fourth (I think??) annual ACFW conference, held in Nashville. This is a group which has grown to 800 members in just 6 years, and is fast becoming THE group for Christian fiction writers. So, this is the one conference I wanted to attend this year ... and the Lord very graciously made the way for me to attend ... in fact, insisted I attend, even when I started to panic and wanted to cancel. These last 4-6 weeks have been awful in terms of discouragement, weirdness at home, and being so busy I didn't have time for my own writing for the last 3 weeks. (Can we say, warfare??) But when I couldn't remember why I was going to conference, the Lord reminded me that He had told me to go, and my obedience was enough. So. I did take my updated proposal for Daughter of the Gift (nothing on Heirs yet), but the Lord told me clearly to pitch the one I'm writing now, The Gift of the Stranger , ev

Spiritual transition, part 3

I'm determined to get this pinned down, one way or another . . . Let me shift directions just a bit. Back to the Katrina stuff. Most of the Christians I know carry a deep sense of grief over both the devastation and the political infighting over this, fueled by the media's stupidity--ONE person did not cause this hurricane, and it takes TIME to figure out the logistics of the rescue and cleanup efforts--just one more example of how our "microwave" society expects results "yesterday." But not only do we grieve the tragedy itself . . . we feel this may be a taste of something more to come. (Check out for one slant on this . . . whatever your denominational bent, there's lots of food for thought here.) This isn't just from "out-there," prophetic organizations, either . . . these are prayerful believers from all corners of Christianity, saying the same thing . . . God is preparing us for something big . . . we n

Spiritual transition, part 2

The previous post was lifted from an attempt at articulating the last several weeks. Of course, THIS past week, all eyes have been on Katrina and her aftermath--and that, too, has worked to turn my musings inside out . . . Two weeks ago (more or less) I was still reeling from that taste of "fire from heaven"--a series of confirmations, mostly in regard to my writing and a handful for other areas, too concentrated to be ignored--three in one day, then one almost every other day for another week, from different sources. Then, just as I was starting to recover from the awe over that, Katrina hit, first Florida, as a minor hurricane, then turning almost overnight into a major one over the Gulf coast before plowing into Louisiana and Mississippi. I've watched the news reports with breathless horror and grief--spent a lot of time this past week weeping, in prayer for those in need of rescue AND those trying to help. Troy's reserve unit may need to go work the relief ef