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After sticking my neck out and baring all to the world (please note the Very Big Grin on my face as I say that), I feel I must assure my reader that I understand the difficult position pastors are in, trying to keep peace between warring factions ... uh, bickering children ... uh, members who disagree on various issues. I do not in any way blame my pastor for how he handled it. I feel rather sorry for him, that he has this to deal with on top of other things, which I'm sure are far more important. And I don't mean this as a slam against mothers who couldn't breastfeed for various reasons. Our society isn't conducive to "close" mothering in general, let alone breastfeeding, despite all the flap we hear about attachment parenting. All right, done for the night. *g*

Baptists and the Militant Breastfeeding Cult?

A bit of background on this story: the MBC (Militant Breastfeeding Cult) was started by a friend of mine years ago, partly tongue in cheek, partly as her own response to the very real negativity she received about her choice to breastfeed, mostly within the church. The idea grew, and is now maintained by others as a wonderful online site for mothers at . Now ... on with the film, errr, tale. (From my rantings on Monday, September 27. Yes, I'm just now getting up the nerve to actually post this.) Let me say for starters that I’m not out slam any particular denomination, or point fingers, but I’ve wondered for some time now just why mainstream Christianity seems to have such a phobia about natural mothering. Maybe it’s more than that. Maybe it’s a general discomfort with our own biology. Because God is the one who made us as we are—who put certain body parts in certain places for certain functions—and He called it all “good,”