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Catching up . . .

So I’m behind on blogging. Bleah. I’d been trying to think of a suitable topic, and then at New Year’s I didn’t want to do the obligatory “resolution” post . . . my particular stubbornness in avoiding the mainstream, I guess. Besides, I felt that my “year” began back in September, during the conference, and that the Lord wanted me to continue in the work He’d set for me then. Interesting, that, considering the Jewish New Year begins in September as well . . . nu? The family and I were also battling a nasty sore throat/respiratory virus from about the second week of December till sometime in January. I had it for almost three weeks straight . . . then again . . . and again . . . am just now really getting back on track. And yikes—January’s nearly done! Besides starting up school again (and trying to really be diligent with the six who are “doing school” this year, in a span from kindergarten up to high school freshman), I’m finishing up ballet costumes (a job I agreed to in partial ex