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I think I have a new favorite movie: Besides the appeal of seeing another angle on the "Through Gates of Splendor" story, this film was fascinating to me from the standpoint of its view into a primitive culture discovering the Gospel. Troy, however, decided he didn't want to see it (I think his tender daddy's heart couldn't bear seeing this father have to leave his son, never to return), so I insisted Alistair (oldest son, age 15) come along. Education, and all that, I told him. *evil grin*

Well ... to say I came away changed is an understatement. The most moving scene is the one near the end, where Mincayani reveals to the adult Steve Saint that he's the one who speared his father, Nate--I wasn't prepared for that. And I walked out of the movie theater, looking around and thinking how utterly shallow our culture is. (Technology does not superiority make--although I'd be the first to admit that I like my modern conveniences very much, thank you.)

Another fascinating thing is the controversy surrounding this movie. You can read about it here: And while you're there, don't miss the link to Randy Alcorn's commentary on the subject! He captures perfectly what I was trying to write about in my last post.

Unfortunately, this film seems to be gone from the theater in most places--but I'm definitely going to buy the DVD.


On other fronts ... I'm nearly done with Gift! My word count is nearly at 89k (I'd projected 75-80k, guess that was a good thing?) and I keep being asked, "How many more chapters?" I. Don't. Know. Till it's done, I guess. :-) But it's an awesome thing to watch all the threads come together, to see new developments taking shape--and okay, this last chapter was flat terrifying, as some of you already know, and I think this story, as is, has a definite "R" rating. Ouch. It's official--I'm a heathen, and there's as much Kiana in me as Nitara.


  1. You're nearing the finish line! Cool!

    I'm definitely getting the DVD. I couldn't watch it in the theater with my husband and the church youth group because I wasn't comfortable exposing my surgery knee to the jostling crowds, but my husband was really moved by the movie.


  2. It was a moving story--and not what I expected, either. I think telling it from Mincaye's POV definitely was a plus. The ending captured the bitter-sweet paradox of redemption and forgiveness--its pain and its victory, if accepted. It never came to theatres where I live--my husband and I happened to be out of town the weekend it opened, or we'd be waiting for the DVD--my daughter will have to wait, much to her chagrin.

    Good to hear about your progress on your book!



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