Ahhh, homeschooling

I walked in the kitchen just now and found that Meeghan, my 18-month-old, made a huge mess while I was busy imparting the mysteries of the atom to Ian, my 8th grader. Then she came in my room, where I was holding class, and proceeded to "clean" my bookshelves.


You know, if there's enough atomic energy in a penny to destroy the world, I guess it's no wonder that a toddler can trash a house in half an hour or less.


  1. Preach it, woman! Power of the atom nothing -- too bad they can't harness the power of a toddler!

  2. Ain't that the truth!! (said as 21mo Liberty is trashing my bookshelf. hooray for older kiddos!!)

  3. Ah, you poor thing! Sounds like my dog and the "duster" attached to her bottom, which does more "thwacking" than "dusting."

  4. ROTFL!!

    Go, Meeghan, you blue-eyed beauty!!

  5. Shannon,

    I think I've found my next homeschooling writing mom, victim... I mean interview! I'll be emailing you soon!


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