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Time for Me?

Well, the secret's out. What does a mom-of-eight do with a few spare minutes while her dear hubby is taking the Toddler of Amazing Deconstructive Abilities for a walk around the neighborhood? She sorts socks. Yes! It's true. I did it--rather reflexively, I might add--but really, it's the only time, apart from naps, that I could carry out this all-important task without said toddler grabbing a fistful and running for the door, crying, "Shoe! Shoe!!" Or trying to don multiple pairs, or otherwise scattering them across the house ... I really do have more profound thoughts percolating in my brain right now, but they're having trouble surfacing through a lingering bout with the dreaded stomach virus. (Yes, I succumbed. No more comment necessary, I'm sure, but I'm definitely on the mend today, thankyouverymuch.) And actually, sorting socks was a very ... soothing activity. I could actually string three thoughts together without interruption. I h

Writing Exercise

Last night I went to a local writers group that I've been attending for about three years now. Usually we just read some of what we've written and just enjoy each other's writing, but this time we had a guest--Marjory Wentworth, the Poet Laureate of South Carolina. She works with a local hospital, doing writing therapy with cancer patients, which I found fascinating--and she actually seemed more intimidated by us than we were of her, which I found weird considering that she's part of a poet's group that meets in downtown Charleston, where she rubs shoulders with such luminaries as Robert Jordan and his wife. After explaining her work, she did a writing exercise with us--made US do the work instead of sharing her own, hmpf! And normally I hate being put on the spot, but this turned out to be so interesting, I thought I'd share the results. To start with, she had us pick an emotion and write for five minutes. I chose anger, and started spilling. At the end of

I Want to be a Clone

And no, I'm not referring to the Most Excellent song of the same name by Steve Taylor, from the 80's ... I decided today I need to clone myself. One to devote herself to cleaning and decluttering ... one to keep my husband happy ... one just to school the kids ... and then one to write. And the last one, I think, should be psychic, so she can draw on the experiences of the other three. It's been 3 months since I finished the rough draft of Gift, and I'm starting to feel the gnawing ache to write story again. I have all this other stuff that needs tending, and a couple of small writing projects to finish ... but "not writing" makes me a bit edgy ... Not to mention, after several days of attempting to clean and declutter, I'm reminded of another appealing thing about writing. In our house, stuff moves around, without warning ... things that I put away don't necessarily stay there. At least when I write, the words STAY PUT, and if it's a mes

What the Fans Want, Part 2

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments on yesterday’s post! I’ve been a member of these two groups I mentioned for a little over three years now— Christian Fandom and ChristSF —and have seen quite the gulf between longtime fans of the genre, and those whom CBA is actually reaching. On the ACFW forum, we’ve speculated that CBA isn’t really trying to target SF/F fans, but CBA readers who aren’t familiar with the genre and are leery of all the questionable elements—actually, it’s probably more accurate to say that they’re hoping to attract readers from both sides—but it seems that the old adage of “you can’t please everyone” is proving itself true here, and the attempt to do so can be … disastrous. While we’re at it, let’s revisit the “first wave” of Christian SF/F. Back then, I was trying to get my own first novel published—yes, I’ve been working on the story and series THAT long—and so paid attention not only because I was interested in the competition, but I was delighted to fi

What the Fans Want, Part 1

I'm lifting this almost straight from my post by the same name on the ACFW forum, so those of you who've read that can skip this--or skim, if you like. A few weeks ago I posted on the two Christian SF/F fanlists I belong to: There's a discussion taking place in one of my writer's groups online about the current market for Christian SF/F within the CBA. Some feel we're on the downswing of what seems to be the second wave in about 20 years (the first wave cresting with Stephen Lawhead and perhaps Peretti). Would you all mind sharing first of all, if you follow/read CBA-published SF/F, and if so, which authors you've liked? And if not, why? (Lack of knowledge about what's there, past bad experience with sappy plots and mediocre writing, or CBA SF/F is too evangelical/preachy/not s-f enough/etc.) Whatever your reasons, what do you feel makes a good--or great--story? What "works" for you as a reader? Many of us feel there's a solid market

The other two Genesis finalists

Back when I posted about finaling in the SF/F category of the Genesis contest, I mentioned that I'd post links to the two finalists I didn't know yet, when I got them. Well, Rebecca Grabill has informed me that she doesn't have a website or blog yet, but I was very excited to hear that she's a fellow homebirthing mom and has three little ones of her own. (Yay, Rebecca! I remember those days ...) Sherry Thompson, however, has a new site: She has the prologue of her story posted there, a listing of some favorite authors, and some adorable pics of her Siamese kitten, Khiva, for whom the site is named. We have some serious talent represented in the finalists this year. For that matter--we had serious talent that didn't make the finals, and I'm astonished to be here at all, since I know of at least two ms. who I felt should have scored out higher than mine. Anyway, I wanted to report that in the course of finaling, I&#

Christian Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog Tour

This week, many writers are participating in a "blog tour" highlighting Christian SF/F and a particular review site for the genre. Start here, at Becky Miller's site: . Several people are sponsoring book giveaways in addition to some interesting commentary and reviews. I plan to post my findings from an informal survey I took on my two e-lists for Christian fans of the genre--what the fans want, and is CBA giving it to them? I had all kinds of ideas for other blogs this weekend--one on Mother's Day, then another on thoughts generated by the last big bang of that day, last night--but this is the busiest week of the year, between ballet dress rehearsal, recital, and the last week of class, and all the Awana year-end stuff. At least I don't have to worry about schoolwork--I told the kids this morning that we'll be taking the next two weeks off then hitting it again the first week of June. (My husband decreed a few

More Awe . . .

I'm not sure I can even bring myself to write this ... hours later, I'm still in shock. I got a packet in the mail today--the proposal I sent out a week and a half ago, all nice and neat in the self-addressed, stamped manila envelope I'd included with it. Aha, I thought, that rejection didn't take as long as I figured it would. Things were kind of busy as I collected mail and herded people in the house and started settling in, but finally I made myself open the envelope. Yes, there was my proposal ... and a letter, asking for the full manuscript. Despite how bad the market looks ... despite the rejections I've seen my friends receive lately ... apparently mine has "something" that he hopes just might make it ... Of course, he has yet to read the whole story. But ... I'm deeply humbled and awed that I've made it this far, after everything. Baruch HaShem ... as always. \o/