I Want to be a Clone

And no, I'm not referring to the Most Excellent song of the same name by Steve Taylor, from the 80's ...

I decided today I need to clone myself. One to devote herself to cleaning and decluttering ... one to keep my husband happy ... one just to school the kids ... and then one to write. And the last one, I think, should be psychic, so she can draw on the experiences of the other three.

It's been 3 months since I finished the rough draft of Gift, and I'm starting to feel the gnawing ache to write story again. I have all this other stuff that needs tending, and a couple of small writing projects to finish ... but "not writing" makes me a bit edgy ...

Not to mention, after several days of attempting to clean and declutter, I'm reminded of another appealing thing about writing. In our house, stuff moves around, without warning ... things that I put away don't necessarily stay there. At least when I write, the words STAY PUT, and if it's a mess, I know it's mine, I did it, and it's my responsibility to clean it up.

And yes, these are the kinds of thoughts I have when I've been up past 2 AM with a puking three year old ....

"Real life is the stuff of which story is made." Gotta remember that. :-)


  1. Cloning. Now that might even work its way into a fantasy, don't you think? Hahah--really great post, though I'm sorry about the puking child and the edginess from not writing new story.

    I don't really need new story. Rewriting is good too, in fact probably what I prefer.

    Hope tonight isn't a clone of last night!


  2. Hugs on the child.

    I need new story too. I'm on my second back-to-back revision and am craving NEW. Oh well. Back at it.

  3. Thank you so much for putting Steve Taylor's name in---otherwise I'd have been pondering for days, "Now, wasn't that a song? Who WAS that??" Now I've got to see if I still have that cassette somewhere--LOL!


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