More Awe . . .

I'm not sure I can even bring myself to write this ... hours later, I'm still in shock.

I got a packet in the mail today--the proposal I sent out a week and a half ago, all nice and neat in the self-addressed, stamped manila envelope I'd included with it. Aha, I thought, that rejection didn't take as long as I figured it would. Things were kind of busy as I collected mail and herded people in the house and started settling in, but finally I made myself open the envelope.

Yes, there was my proposal ... and a letter, asking for the full manuscript.

Despite how bad the market looks ... despite the rejections I've seen my friends receive lately ... apparently mine has "something" that he hopes just might make it ...

Of course, he has yet to read the whole story. But ... I'm deeply humbled and awed that I've made it this far, after everything.

Baruch HaShem ... as always. \o/


  1. Told ya you could write. ;)

    Big congrats! Will be praying for ya.

  2. WHOO-HOO!! Post this over at ACFW--the whole gang should be celebrating this step with you. Congratulations, Shannon. Really exciting.


  3. Shannon! I am so happy for you! Praise God for the doors He is opening in your life...

  4. WOW Shannon!!! way Cool!!!!!

  5. Congratulations, Shannon! This is wonderful news.


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