The other two Genesis finalists

Back when I posted about finaling in the SF/F category of the Genesis contest, I mentioned that I'd post links to the two finalists I didn't know yet, when I got them. Well, Rebecca Grabill has informed me that she doesn't have a website or blog yet, but I was very excited to hear that she's a fellow homebirthing mom and has three little ones of her own. (Yay, Rebecca! I remember those days ...)

Sherry Thompson, however, has a new site: She has the prologue of her story posted there, a listing of some favorite authors, and some adorable pics of her Siamese kitten, Khiva, for whom the site is named.

We have some serious talent represented in the finalists this year. For that matter--we had serious talent that didn't make the finals, and I'm astonished to be here at all, since I know of at least two ms. who I felt should have scored out higher than mine.

Anyway, I wanted to report that in the course of finaling, I've met two fellow sf/f writers that I didn't know before. More joy in the journey!


  1. Shannon, you agile tracker, you!

    I visited Sherry's site and it's terrific. She comes across as a very cool lady. Passionate, for sure. Nice artwork, too, huh?

    Thanks for the link. I had fun.



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