He is the Vine

Yesterday while doing the usual rock-and-snuggle-Meeg-to-sleep while sitting at my laptop, I took a hard left turn in my blog wanderings. Blame Dave Long for it. But to prove that God's hand is in all things, and that He can speak to us through all sorts of venues, I discovered this post: Feminary and found myself touched very deeply. You have to read all the way down, till you get to the parts about the fruit being crushed, and what comes of it. (If we aren't going through a crushing time right now, between writing issues and church merger issues, I don't know what is.) And I love the way she uses that Eric Liddell quote--I've often thought of that in regards to my own writing, if it isn't too presumptuous to say that we sense God's pleasure in the exercising of our talents and abilities. (I don't believe it is.)

And speaking of, since I had to be up yesterday at 7 AM (I'm a night owl and late riser, no lectures please, LOL), I was at the keyboard by 8, and by 9 had written two whole pages--573 words--of the opening scene in the next book. What an incredible sense of relief. I'd hoped to repeat the process this morning, but company and late-napping toddlers conspired to keep me up till almost 1 AM. But maybe tonight ...


  1. Hurray for Feminary! :-)

    See, we leftie Anglicans can be cool too. ;-)


    How very exciting. :)

    Mir AKA The Stomped Grape

  3. No, no...make that the Mashed Mango. Much more me.



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