Congratulations, Karen!

For anyone who hasn't yet heard, the Christy awards were given out Saturday night in Denver, Colorado, and Karen Hancock took her fourth-in-a-row award for the Visionary category with Shadow Over Kiriath! I'm so thrilled for her. (And congratulations to the other winners, listed at Dave Long's blog, Faith*in*Fiction. Dale Cramer and Deanne Gist are both wonderful writers, too.)

And just for Mir: the gooseberry, courtesy of Wikipedia. They grow wild in the Midwest (the domesticated version is bigger, about the diameter of your thumbnail or so), and my husband greatly favors the green berries, in a pie or cobbler.


  1. Thanks, for the congrats, Shannon! And thanks for posting the cover, too. :-)

  2. You're ever so welcome! :-)


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