So ends the third week of homeschooling in our household. "That's all I have to say about that."

I feel like I've spent more time cleaning up my 2-year-old's messes (well, she's 2 in a week) than anything else the last couple of days. Granted, she's adorable even while making messes. Last night the almost-4-yo came running, IMPLORING me to "come! Meeghan's playing with a bag!" And boy, was she ... three large boxes of sandwich and ziplock bags, scattered across the floor. I sighed and picked them up. It could be worse.

Today, it was worse. I came home from a trip to Sam's Club to find out that she'd gotten into the fridge and poured ketchup into the carpet.

Blessings on my 12-yo daughter's head, for tackling the job with carpet cleaner, a scrub brush, and towels.

When I stop to think too hard about it, I'm wondering just when I'll get all the papers graded, and my oldest son's grades tallied up for his first year of high school, and the clutter dealt with, and the dark corners of the house cleaned ... but I did manage to get in three workouts this week.

Sometimes I get tired of fighting back the forces of Chaos. It's just so--pervasive.

Given what the last several days have been like, I thought I'd share some things that made me chuckle recently.

One is a blog written by fellow ACFW-Carolinas member Eddie Jones: Swirling eddies & currents. He shares tidbits on "stupid things you can do with your boat."

Another is a brand-new blog by fellow "ballet mom" and WWII buff Tamara Goff. The first time she told me her theory about "Palmetto Time," I nearly fell out of my chair laughing ... but perhaps you have to live in Charleston (or at least South Carolina) to get it. ... by what we give. Scroll down to find "Palmetto Time," but the others are worth a read, too ... and don't miss her profile page. (Few people have the ability to make me laugh so hard as Tamara, or pull me up short when I'm taking myself too seriously.)

And then, of course, was today's post by Karen Hancock: The Surgeon General on Schedules. I recently got one of those, "Oh, how do you do it with so many kids; you must be a hyper scheduler!" comments ... to which I replied, "No, actually, I'm an UNscheduler!" (Of course, some might argue that I tend toward unschooling as well ...)

But life just--keeps happening. :-)


  1. Well, this year we never stopped school for the summer. We slowed down a bit. But getting my (almost) 7 year old back in the groove has been...oh there's no nice word for it. It took his stubborn little bum 5 hours to put away his clothes the other day!!
    (Did I mention that he came by the stubborn-ness naturally? LOL, mom's got a little more practice)

    Guess we could say the same thing of God? Probably. Sometimes I'm that child.

  2. Girl!! You are so amazing to me. It's so nice to hear you voicing the things I rarely voice for fear of looking like a bad mom. LOL I love you and you're doing a fantastic job!!

  3. Aww shucks, Shannon. Thanks for saying such nice things about me. When Daisy's busy next time I need a bio, I'll call you! ha ha

    Love ya!

  4. If Shannon can do it, so can I. (This will be my mantra today. "If Shannon can...")


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