Market news: Jeff Gerke

I almost typed, "Jeff Gerke for President" there but thought it might be taken wrong ... :-)

Anyway. Jeff is a former editor for Multnomah, Realms, and NavPress, and is currently hanging out his shingle as a freelance editor. I've seen his work in requesting revisions for one of my crit partners and was favorably impressed. He also kindly turned down my first novel, Daughter of the Gift, with some helpful comments, one of which led to the birthing of my most recent story, that novel's first prologue.

Please keep him in prayer as he shifts gears in his professional life. Jeff is a passionate proponent of Christian SF/F, maybe a little too much for the current market--but that's my own personal speculation, and I know full well that the Lord's timing is everything, in all things.

For anyone interested in his editorial services, you can contact him at jeff at jeffersonscott dot com.


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