Romance in SF/F over at Speculative Faith

Because my dear friend Beth Goddard is experiencing a rather severe outbreak of real life, I've agreed to take over her bi-weekly Thursday post over at our team blog, Speculative Faith. Yeah, that means I'll be pontificating even more often. Thankfully my brain has congealed from the puddle it became last week, allowing me to actually string more than a couple of clear thoughts together.

For today, I pulled out the summary I wrote several weeks ago, while on vacation in Missouri, on the Christian Fandom discussion of romance within sci-fi and fantasy. I'd meant to post it here, but it seemed more appropriate there.

As usual, I feel that I just barely brushed the surface of the subject. :-)


  1. Me like romance. Me like it in anything, including SF.

    Me like it...a lot. :)



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