Who needs fiction?

While composing my weekly post for Speculative Faith, I heard sirens outside my house. I listened, thinking they might be on the next street over, just through the brush of our dead-end street, but they weren't going away. Then one of my older kids announced that there was "an ambulance" in front of our house.

There were, to be exact, three police vehicles, and an unknown car in the ditch beside our van. The police were busy combing the backyard of our neighbor across the street (really just a gravel driveway, here).

With Daddy out of town, and bedtime approaching, the kids and I locked the doors and watched through the shades.

Apparently, some personage of dubious character sought to flee the local constabulary down our street, obviously thinking it a thru-way. (First tactical error.) After running his car into the ditch, he fled through the neighbor's backyard, tempted by the utter darkness beyond. (Second tactical error.)

Behind the neighbor's yard lies ... a huge blackberry patch, the source of those 14+ gallons Troy and the kids picked back in May and June.

The suspect had escaped shirtless and shoeless.

NOT pleasant. :-)

Needless to say, when the police brought in their very large German shepherd, he was caught in very short order.

I'd planned to watch a movie tonight, but by the time the kids settled enough to sleep, it was too late. And really, who needs a movie when real life is so entertaining?


  1. Firstly, I must say that I delight in your use of the word "constabulary". It's so nice to have a friend with a super-sized vocabulary! :)

    Secondly, YIKES!!! You need a sign posted on your property: Warning, this premises protected by a vicious blackberry patch!

  2. LOL...

    It's like that Simpsons episode where the villainous Sideshow Bob gets dragged through the cactus patch.

    Sometimes villains get a hilariously painful comeuppance!

  3. Yikes is right! You do get the excitement - though I have to say I got quite a laugh the other day. A neighborhood teen came pimping down the sidewalk, saw a police cruiser, took off to a neighbor's porch, but halfway up, his pants fell down. He ended up sprawled on his face on the steps (but that did keep the officers from spotting him, so I suppose it was worth it for him).

  4. ewww, what fun!! Good grief, Shannon--like you don't have enough adventures. LOLOL

  5. Hmm. I could see the bougainvilleas cramming my fence causing damage to human skin. Not that I want a fugitive in my yard. :)


  6. That is hilarious!

    I know what my legs feel like when I use the riding mower to cut the grass--the blackberry bushes line the entire property!


  7. Bwahahahahaaaaaa! As someone who lived on property with LOTS of blackberries, I nearly fell out of my chair contemplating this scene.

    Love it! Love it! Love it!


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