Happy September!

Yes ... it's September. I've been busy this week with researching (lots of new sources dropped into my lap!), and cuddling a sick toddler, who turns 2 tomorrow.

I should have posted this earlier in the week, but today kicks off a return interview of Bryan Davis on Christian Fandom. For information on subbing to the email list, click on the link to mailing list under Resources. His original interview can be found here.

I have some miscellaneous thoughts to post in regards to the research I've been doing, but it might take me a while to get them pinned down in words. Also, I just found out this morning about a RevWar reenactment to be held near my home: Battle of Parker's Ferry. Woooohooooo!! More research. I can't wait, even if this does mean spending the day in the South Carolina September heat. (That'll be twice this month, since the annual Charleston Scots Festival is in two weeks! I'm thrilled that it doesn't coincide with the annual ACFW conference this year.)

And yesterday we got sideswiped by Tropical Storm Ernesto. Lots of rain, a bit of a breeze here, no big deal. A rather humorous pre-storm account featuring my husband, given the day off by the USAF, was posted by neighbor James Moffitt (scroll down for a shot of our mama duck and some of her ducklings). (Hey, James! Did you know I found a James Moffat on a list of SC loyalists from 1782? How funny is that!)

Next week starts our school schedule in full swing--plus piano, ballet, and ladies' Bible study with the church. Not sure if I'm looking forward to it all or not.


  1. Where is Bryan's new interview? I can't find it yet.


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