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Day 2—Dragons, Knights, & Angels

Thanks to Rebecca for helping me figure out how to change the timestamp on my post yesterday. Wooohooo! I learned something. :-) And I neglected to thank all of you who expressed concern for my toe. It's better, but still sore, still bruised, and I still can't wear much of a closed shoe ... will have to figure something out by this weekend though, so I can attend the big RevWar event in Camden ... it'll be all of 60 degrees that day, so sandals are somewhat out of the question .... Again, we're highlighting DKA. Some great discussion out there, from the history of the e-zine (see Mir's blog for that one) and the ethics of "free Christian SF/F" ... if you enjoy the publication, I'd encourage you to contribute something. I'd hate to see DKA go the way of Deep Magic (see link at sidebar). Another favorite story: "Sorrow's Shroud" by Rachel Marks. Beautifully written. Participants: Jim Black Jackie Castle Valerie Comer


Oh, and although I started composing the blog tour post a week ago, I did really only post it today. I don't know how to change the timestamp on the post ... And something rather crucial I forgot ... Mirta Schultz, who is tour hostess this time and winner of the SF/F category of the Genesis, is offering a free 5-page critique. All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog or that of one of the other tour participants for a chance to win. (See Mir's blog for details.)

Take Six: Christian Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog Tour: Dragons, Knights, and Angels, oh my!

This month's tour features the e-zine Dragons, Knights, and Angels , a very cool little mag run by some very cool people. (Mirtika Schultz, who won the Genesis contest, is an editor there.) Participants in this month's tour: Jim Black Jackie Castle Valerie Comer Kameron M. Franklin Beth Goddard Leathel Grody Karen Hancock Elliot Hanowski Katie Hart Sherrie Hibbs Joleen Howell Jason Joyner Karen and at Karen's myspace Tina Kulesa Kevin Lucia Rachel Marks Rebecca LuElla Miller Caleb Newell Cheryl Russel Mirtika Schultz James Somers Stuart Stockton Steve Trower Speculative Faith Oliver King Todd Michael Greene John Otte Frank Creed Christina Deanne Lost Genre Guild Now ... I don't have a lot of time for idle reading at this point in my life. I have to confess I've only read a handful of the stories at this site ... but one of my favorites is the latest by Jane Lebak, titled "Damage." I first

Drink coffee: do stupid things faster and with more energy

Today's my day at Spec Faith ... I'm not sure I said everything I wanted to, or said what I did very well ... but with the overdose of Real Life this week has provided, it's gonna have to do ... Two days ago I was doing some cleaning and putting away in my closet, and one of my 10-lb. weights fell on my foot. Ouch. I'm pretty sure the next-to-smallest toe is broken, and the bruising has progressively crept upward to cover the whole top of my foot. Interesting colors. I've spent what time I could get sitting with my feet up catching up on getting my checkbook transactions into Quicken and reconciling the statements. Between computer trouble (our main desktop) and not taking the time to work on it (I much prefer my laptop and finally switched everything over), I was ... *gulp* ... a year behind. But ... I'm all caught up now. Two nights ago, I met with a group of writers, and we've formed a new fiction-only group--eventually to become an ACFW chapter--

Thought for the day

"It is better to say nothing and be thought a fool ... than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." (source unknown) Enough said, yes?? ;-)

Packing up and going on

So, two whole weeks have passed since I came home from the conference. The first week is somewhat of a blur. I did a lot of cuddling my little ones (particularly Meeghan, who as I predicted has been pretty much super-glued to me), a little bit of fighting off something viral (par for the course after travel, I think), and some praying for those I met at the conference (as well as those who weren't there for various reasons). The Lord has impressed upon me the need for more diligent prayer for particular individuals He's set within the circle of my acquaintance. I've also had the pleasure of going back through the books I had signed at the conference and at last reading the inscriptions. Some of you wrote me beautifully personal messages, and I was delighted to find those. And I've thought back over the many, many moments that are impossible to capture even in an account as long as the one I just finished ... so many of you I met and felt that I truly connected with, so

Conference pics, part 2

I'm looking through these photos thinking, of course, of all the shots I did NOT get ... Bryan Davis and I, in the take where I finally did NOT have my eyes closed ... Beth Goddard and I, in costume at the SF/F party. Dineen Miller, Heather Tipton, and Robin Miller, in a cute moment. Ronie Kendig, also in a very cute "moi??" moment. The ladies of room 810 of the Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum. From left, Kelly Klepfer, Terri Thompson, Michelle Griep, and some nutty chick who has this problem of blinking when the camera flashes ... Three of the SF/F Genesis finalists: Becky Miller (in a pretty blouse she bought JUST for the banquet), Beth Goddard (so photogenic and beautiful in anything she wears), and me. A few more shots remain on a roll yet to be developed, but I'm not sure if anything there will be worth sharing. :-) No photos of the booksigning. What was I thinking?? Obviously, I was not. LOL Oh, well ... this is still better than last year when I

Conference pics, part 1

The first ones from the SF/F party ... you should be able to click on the picture and get a bigger version. Stuart looking enigmatic in his ... burlap bag. Bryan Davis and Kaci in the background. From left, Kaci, Steve Burnett, Jim Sanders, John Olson (standing), the back of Tim Hicks, and Ryan Smith (also standing). Everyone was busily unwrapping Hershey's peanut butter filled kisses ... I think these and dark chocolate with caramel Treasures should become tradition ... and yeah, I know the last one is Nestle ... From left, Ryan Smith, John Otte, Terri Thompson, Michelle Griep, and the side of Beth Goddard's hair. From left, Becky Miller, Tracy Higley, and Stuart Stockton.

And at the last: A Fragrant Offering

Rosh Hashanah, the start of a new year according to the Hebrew calendar … the “real” calendar according to many. Last year’s conference and this year both fell on that date. I feel that is no accident, because there are no coincidences with God. After the banquet, I went straight back to my room to make those phone calls, but I took a few moments to reflect and gather myself. I remembered the date … so what had this year been about? I heard the familiar divine laugh. Come now, He seemed to say. Would you really have traded this past year? I smiled. No way … it had been such an adventure. I learned so much in the writing of this one book—about myself, about Him, about writing. In the process, He allowed me to have the favor of my writing mentor, and to final in the Genesis, and even to have my “favorite” agent request a full ms (and not give it a wholly unfavorable review). The phone conversation with Rebecca was wonderful, but Sherry shared a nugget that gave me such peace about it

Day 2, Part 4: The Genesis!

Michelle, Terri, and Kelly were already back when I made it back to the room after the booksigning, and they greeted me brightly. "There she is!" I set aside my bookbag and fell backwards across the bed. “You need to get dressed!” they said. “I’m not going,” I answered. “You’re going,” they said, “if we have to pick you up and drag you.” “I need coffee,” I moaned. Terri hopped right up and started a pot of coffee. (Have I mentioned that these ladies were wonderful to me, but relentless?) Somebody suggested dressing me. I had a silly thought and sat up, holding out my arms. “Yes! I can pretend to be the queen, and you can be my ladies in waiting.” I promptly dissolved into giggles. “But that might be taking historical research a bit too far, don’t you think?” With another dramatic groan, I went to get my clothes out of the closet. As I reapplied makeup, Terri handed me my coffee. (Even black, it was GOOD!) They all agreed I should leave my hair down. Scandalous, I

Day 2, Part 3: Well, now what?

Did I blow my pitch? I’m not sure. I was so worried about just getting through it, I didn’t even pull out my one-sheets or offer to show my proposal or … No. I walked away, knowing that this was the Lord’s business and His timing. How many times have I said it? “Timing, baby. It’s all about timing.” I tried to articulate what I was feeling to my roomies. I had the overwhelming sense that this was my push out of the CBA nest as far as fantasy was concerned. God opened the doors wide for my historical, but shut them on anything speculative, at least for now. We joked a bit about it—I told them it would be funny to tell the rest of the spec fic crowd that I had repented of SF/F and I now aspired to be the next Janette Oke. Michelle and Terri cracked up—they know better. I couldn’t write “sweet” if I tried. With all the confusion of the morning’s appointments, I hadn’t been to a single workshop that day. Mentally checking the schedule, I realized that I wouldn’t have time to get to th

Day 2, Part 2: How Not to Approach an Editor

Oh, yeah. This is one of the parts of the story I feel very foolish writing about. Writers are told constantly, never try to bribe editors. It’s very unbecoming and makes you look desperate. Well, when I conceived this mad plot, it was not for the purpose of bribing said editor, but just to break the ice so I could, as I explained to him later, just speak without stammering all over the place. Yes, really. So. I walked in and sat down with the illustrious Dave Long. I introduced myself and then said, “I heard a rumor that you enjoy dark chocolate.” He hesitated—this was apparently not the line he was expecting to hear—and with a slow smile, affirmed that he did. I pulled out the bar of Rapunzel 70% bittersweet that I’d brought just for this purpose, and slid it across the table. I explained that this was my favorite kind and thought he might enjoy it as well. The smile deepened. “Bribes,” he said. “I like bribes. I have contracts here for those who bribe me with dark chocolate.”