Conference pics, part 1

The first ones from the SF/F party ... you should be able to click on the picture and get a bigger version.

Stuart looking enigmatic in his ... burlap bag. Bryan Davis and Kaci in the background.

From left, Kaci, Steve Burnett, Jim Sanders, John Olson (standing), the back of Tim Hicks, and Ryan Smith (also standing). Everyone was busily unwrapping Hershey's peanut butter filled kisses ... I think these and dark chocolate with caramel Treasures should become tradition ... and yeah, I know the last one is Nestle ...

From left, Ryan Smith, John Otte, Terri Thompson, Michelle Griep, and the side of Beth Goddard's hair.

From left, Becky Miller, Tracy Higley, and Stuart Stockton.


  1. Is Stuart really tall, or is everyone else hobbit-sized? :D


  2. Great to find these, even weeks later -- oddly enough, I didn't have my camera out that much. It is a writer's convention, I must have supposed, and therefore we're all about the thousand words instead of pictures ...


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