Conference pics, part 2

I'm looking through these photos thinking, of course, of all the shots I did NOT get ...

Bryan Davis and I, in the take where I finally did NOT have my eyes closed ...

Beth Goddard and I, in costume at the SF/F party.

Dineen Miller, Heather Tipton, and Robin Miller, in a cute moment.

Ronie Kendig, also in a very cute "moi??" moment.

The ladies of room 810 of the Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum. From left, Kelly Klepfer, Terri Thompson, Michelle Griep, and some nutty chick who has this problem of blinking when the camera flashes ...

Three of the SF/F Genesis finalists: Becky Miller (in a pretty blouse she bought JUST for the banquet), Beth Goddard (so photogenic and beautiful in anything she wears), and me.

A few more shots remain on a roll yet to be developed, but I'm not sure if anything there will be worth sharing. :-) No photos of the booksigning. What was I thinking?? Obviously, I was not. LOL

Oh, well ... this is still better than last year when I didn't take ANY pictures.


  1. Beth is gorgeous. When she gets that hardcover out some day, she's gonna have a great pic.

    I have no cheekbones. I have no jawline. I have a weird forehead and close-set eyes. I am so NOT photogenic, it's not funny. If I ever have to take promotional shots, I'm getting a proxy Mir with cheekbones.


  2. Moi??? Omigosh--WHY did you post that heinous picture? LOLOL I guess thats my punishment since we didn't manage to get a picture together. :-D Just kidding. You got some GREAT photos! Next time--you and I, babe!


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