Day 2—Dragons, Knights, & Angels

Thanks to Rebecca for helping me figure out how to change the timestamp on my post yesterday. Wooohooo! I learned something. :-)

And I neglected to thank all of you who expressed concern for my toe. It's better, but still sore, still bruised, and I still can't wear much of a closed shoe ... will have to figure something out by this weekend though, so I can attend the big RevWar event in Camden ... it'll be all of 60 degrees that day, so sandals are somewhat out of the question ....

CSSF Blog Tour

Again, we're highlighting DKA. Some great discussion out there, from the history of the e-zine (see Mir's blog for that one) and the ethics of "free Christian SF/F" ... if you enjoy the publication, I'd encourage you to contribute something. I'd hate to see DKA go the way of Deep Magic (see link at sidebar).

Another favorite story: "Sorrow's Shroud" by Rachel Marks. Beautifully written.


Jim Black
Jackie Castle
Valerie Comer
Kameron M. Franklin
Beth Goddard
Leathel Grody
Karen Hancock
Elliot Hanowski
Katie Hart
Sherrie Hibbs
Joleen Howell
Jason Joyner
Karen and at Karen's myspace
Tina Kulesa
Kevin Lucia
Rachel Marks
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Caleb Newell
Cheryl Russell
Mirtika Schultz
James Somers
Stuart Stockton
Steve Trower
Speculative Faith
Oliver King
Todd Michael Greene
John Otte
Frank Creed
Christina Deanne
Lost Genre Guild

Welcome to all the new faces who have joined us!


  1. Yeah. Hated losing Deep Magic. Hmmm..


  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    60 degrees not sandals weather? Girl, that's bathing suit weather in Michigan. Lemonade weather. Sundress weather. June wedding weather.

    I do hope you wrangle that foot into a shoe however. I was out in sandals yesterday (too lazy to get socks on) and it was a little nippy. (That's what we call high 40s here.)


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