Drink coffee: do stupid things faster and with more energy

Today's my day at Spec Faith ... I'm not sure I said everything I wanted to, or said what I did very well ... but with the overdose of Real Life this week has provided, it's gonna have to do ...

Two days ago I was doing some cleaning and putting away in my closet, and one of my 10-lb. weights fell on my foot. Ouch. I'm pretty sure the next-to-smallest toe is broken, and the bruising has progressively crept upward to cover the whole top of my foot. Interesting colors. I've spent what time I could get sitting with my feet up catching up on getting my checkbook transactions into Quicken and reconciling the statements. Between computer trouble (our main desktop) and not taking the time to work on it (I much prefer my laptop and finally switched everything over), I was ... *gulp* ... a year behind.

But ... I'm all caught up now.

Two nights ago, I met with a group of writers, and we've formed a new fiction-only group--eventually to become an ACFW chapter--but for now we're calling ourselves Lowcountry Christian Fiction Writers and going ahead even without being a full chapter yet. We'll be studying the writing craft in more depth than some other groups I've belonged to, and trading critiques. We're open to all believers who want to seriously pursue the craft of writing fiction and will commit to supporting their fellow group members by prayer, encouragement, etc. (Oooh, I think I'll write that up and run it past everyone for use as a possible vision statement ...) We meet next time on Friday, November 17, at the North Charleston Atlanta Bread Company.

While there, we were discussing coffee drinking and the subject came up of the caffeinated squirrel in Hoodwinked ... which led to someone sharing the saying which I use as the title of today's blog. I thought it particularly appropriate for my life these last two weeks.

There hasn't been a lot to write about ... it's hard to share when God is just humbling you, through one thing and another. But I know He has a plan, and it's for my good ... "if I had not believed that I would see His good in the land of the living, then I would have lost all heart." Spoken by another manic type, David, king of Israel. :-)

I could not live if I didn't know that all things work together for our good.


  1. He just wanted you off your feet and attending to your checkbook for a spell. :)

    I pray blessings over your writer's group. I hope one day to have one down here. I stopped going to the secular writing group I used to belong to, cause I got tired of the sex talk. Now, I don't mind talking about sex, but this was like writing-sex-scenes sex talk, and ho-hum.

    Healing be upon your footsie and toesie.


  2. Your blog title totally made me laugh!

    WOW, you're caught up in Quicken! You good girl. I'm still trying to catch up.

    How awesome about the Lowcountry Christian Fiction Writers! I love my local group, too. Don't know what I'd do without them.


  3. I think we're living in parallel universes! The Middle Tennessee Christian Writers (made up of ACFW members but not an official chapter yet) meets at Nashville West End Atlanta Bread Co. the 2nd Saturday of each month! We love it because we can all get fueled up for our rousing discussions of writing processes, craft, marketing, industry news, etc.

    Hope your foot is on the mend!

  4. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I lost my Quicken files when my computer crashed. Want to come do some data entry for me? (Haha!)

    I hope your bruising is at least educational for the children. "This is a foot. This is a foot after a ten-pound weight falls on it. Any questions?"

  5. Hey, so sorry to hear this. So amazing that such a little bone (bones?) can render us nearly incapacitated so quickly.

    I'm trying to figure out a new system of keeping current with blogs--since bloglines no longer likes me.

    Anyway, sorry I'm late seeing this. I'll be praying.



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