Glorious Sunday

Yesterday morning in church, during the invitation, my 6 year old Cameron wormed his way over to me and pointed to the front of the church. I sat down to get on his level and asked him what he wanted.

He's been going forward to pray occasionally over the past several months, obviously moved but not understanding what he wants or needs, but I sensed that this time was different. His 4 yo sister accepted the Lord a couple of months ago at home, so we've talked off and on about what it means to be a Christian--but I felt keenly that I shouldn't rush the process with him and hadn't pressed the issue.

He struggled to find the words for a minute, but I wanted him to say it. Finally he just blurted out, "Can I PLEASE get saved?"

So right there, I explained what being saved meant, and he asked the Lord into his heart. :-)

A Sunday just can't get any better than that.


  1. Oh, Shannon--what a blessing!

  2. You're right. That's definitely tops!

    Hey, NEW pics! You and lil cutie!

    I need a new pic. Hate, hate getting photographed, tho. Hm.


  3. Thanks, both of you!

    And Mir, I was so happy with this year's pics ... we have a family friend who spends about 2 hours with us, both posing us and just snapping photos. I didn't really like the ones of me last year--I cropped the previous headshot from one of me and Troy together because all the individuals looked so dorky to me--but there's a few this year that I actually like.

    Could just be me having my hair down, too ... LOL

  4. Woohoo! Hooray for Cameron! I'm so glad to know the angels have something new to party about! :)

  5. Beautiful child, beautiful mother, beautiful Savior.

    Joy to the world!

    Shirley Buxton

  6. Ah, Shirley, thanks so much! (And you too, Tamara!)


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