New Year, New Things

So … I’m writing again. Not the historical—that’s coming soon, I feel, but I’m in the process of sorting through my research and reexamining my story premise before I actually commit anything more to words on paper—or to computer, as the case is these days.

No, I actually have six pages of the last installment of a story that will be the end of my Gift of the Stranger series as I currently envision it. After agonizing over an alternate opening scene for the first book of the series (the one I finished last year by that title), a scene that felt completely forced and artificial and just wrong for the story, I shed a few tears and prayed and, at the suggestion of a writing friend, tried instead what was really on my heart … and before I knew it, I had 350 words written.

This story features a couple that first came to life for me twenty-five years ago as secondary characters in my first novel, the male character so strong and compelling he nearly takes over when he appears not quite halfway through that story. The female character is rather weak and colorless, especially in contrast to “her guy,” but in the course of the events that follow the first novel, she has some rather dramatic growth. Between the two, the sequel was a joy to write, and in the almost three years since I finished the first part (175k and easily two books all by itself), I’ve never quite been able to stop thinking about this last part of the story. So, we’ll see what happens from here.

Other new things … books! I bought Chris Walley’s The Dark Foundations, now-book-two-was-book-three of his Lamb Among the Stars series (which I mention in today’s SpecFaith post) and gave it to Troy for his birthday (Dec. 30). Since my dear husband not only took Christmas week off, but also had the flu and didn’t feel like much else, he devoured Walley’s book, plus the Robin Hobb title I tucked in his stocking (Assassin’s Apprentice, at Karen Hancock’s recommendation) and the two that follow it (which we had to run out to B&N and find because he was hooked by that first one), and the third in The Cradleland Chronicles series, by Douglas Hirt. I am slightly envious, because not only do I not have time for that sort of reading, even when I also was sick, but my To Be Read pile continues to grow. I still have the formerly second Walley book to finish, and now I desperately want to read the Robin Hobb trilogy, since Troy loved it so much (I tried to read another of her books and just … couldn’t … but Troy found it interesting) … and I have at least one Gene Wolfe title to get through before March, when he’ll be interviewing for Christian Fandom (very bad form to interview an author who one has never read) … and a handful of titles for my historical, as well as numerous others that I want to read Just Because.

Speaking of the historical, research has picked back up a bit, at least. I’ve found a vignette from the middle of the summer of 1780 that is worthy as nothing else of retelling in high drama. Could be straight out of The Patriot had the filmmakers bothered themselves with true historical accuracy. I can’t wait to share it!


  1. Woo-hoo!! I'm so glad you're writing again...and that I get to read it. :-D Tee-hee!! Keep going, girl! This story/series is GREAT!


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