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Please forgive the dust while I muck with my blog template ... err, wait, if it's muck, I guess I should be asking forgiveness for something more sloppy than dust ...

Anyway, I decided I wanted something different, and this is what happened after a couple of hours with my web-designer friend and then being left to experiment for the rest of the day. The graphics are drawn from a photo my friend Tamara Goff took at a recent reenactment event.

I'm still in the process of restoring my links, which may take me a bit. In the meantime, this week is another blog tour, and I'm freshly spiffied up ... oh, egads, that means everyone will be seeing this ...


  1. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I love the picture but wanted to let you know that it's difficult to read the beginning of your post. The dark background and black text kind of blend together.

  2. Love the image! You could take it into an image editing program and screen back the part that's over the text. Or, email me and I'll do it for you, if you want, but you'd lose some of the image.

    Or - possibly a better solution? Move the sidebar and posts down some.

    1. find the part of code in your template that says */ Page structure. This is toward the beginning (maybe 1/4 way down).

    2. find the wrappers. For the body of the text it will be #main-wrapper. If there is something there like "padding: 320px 0 0 0;" that's where you change the numbers. That first number, followed by px (pixels) is the one to mess with to adjust how far down you want to go. 320 is what I have on my blog which may or may not be too much for yours. Try some numbers and hit preview until you get it right.

    3. Down a few lines is #sidebar-wrapper. Again, the line about "padding: 45px 0 0 40px;" the first number is the one to change (yours will be different - mine right now is insane, like 675 or something).

    Have fun! Looking good so far.

  3. Thanks, Tina and Rebecca! I was thinking of asking you ... I spent quite a bit of time last night tweaking the fading on the graphic, trying to get it just right ... finally I was just too tired to do anything else. :-) Moving the text box down is my preferred solution, so thanks so much for the directions.

  4. You got it! Nicely done. It's the time of year for redecorating, isn't it? I've been bugging hubby to let me repaint the living room, but I don't think it'll happen.

  5. Well, you KNOW I think it looks great!! Is this where I tell you how much you owe me for the use of the photo? lol!


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