Take Nine: Christian Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog Tour: Randy Ingermanson's Double Vision

Randy Ingermanson.

What else can I add to the list of this man’s incredible impact and accomplishments in the lives of other writers? I feel that anything I write would merely be on the level of, “Oh yeah! Me too!”

First, Double Vision. I loved this book—the smooth progression in the action and twists, the subtle tie-in with Randy’s City of God series, the very different hero. I learned that although I wouldn’t test out as a full-blown Aspie (shorthand for someone with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism), I’m not really a normal either … and in the process, I’ve learned how to recognize some of the markers in others, and to make mental adjustments accordingly, and not judge people so quickly without knowing all the facts. I’ve also come to resent how our culture so quickly slaps labels on people who are “different,” without stopping to consider how their internal wiring might seem a handicap on one hand, but enables some amazing giftings on the other. (Think, the extreme eccentricity of certain very brilliant men, whose minds seem to run on such a different track than most of the rest of us, that although they have insights and talents far beyond most, they never seem to be quite “with us” either.) And the romantic thread was just plain … sweet.

Now, Randy … has such a wonderful, gracious spirit about him. He kindly listened to this newbie author when she stuck her foot in her mouth with a particular criticism about one of his books, and still gently teases her about it at writer’s conferences. He teaches with humility and a marvelous sense of humor. (Becky Miller, Rachel Ward, and Sharon Hinck have all talked about his mentoring.) I count myself blessed to know him!

Some of the highlights of his work include the Snowflake Method of writing a novel, his now out-of-print time-travel story Transgression, and the Advanced Fiction E-Zine (VERY useful!). I consider his site a must-have for writers interested in Christian publishing.

And, my apologies for being late in getting in on the tour. I know everyone is sick of me citing "an overdose of real life," but it really has been that ...

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  1. I just saw your profile and am so touched that you have so many children (& one in Heaven). Wow, you're a hero.

    I work with suffering children worldwide as founder of Orphans First (www.orphansfirst.org) so, obviously, kids are special to me. I'm also a writer and authored a parenting book.

    Janey DeMeo
    author of Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!
    Biblical Direction for Practical Parenting Issues.


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