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Something fun

Because my brain is still totally scorched from the last few weeks .... What American accent do you have? Your Result: The Midland   "You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio. The Inland North   The West   The Northeast   Philadelphia   The South   Boston   North Central   What American accent do you have? Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Tag-o-rama week ....

Okay, so ... first it was Rebecca , nominating me for the Thinking Blog award. Hmm, no wonder my head hurts ... but seriously, wow. Stellar. I stimulate people to Think Deeply! :::blushes::: I think that's a good thing ... isn't it? Blogs that make ME think ... Karen Hancock J. Mark Bertrand Mick Silva Dave Long Rebecca Luella Miller And then Becky and the VisualDNA (see earlier post) .... Now Rebecca has sniffed me out for the 8 random facts thing ... maybe God knew I needed some hilarity in my week. For the rules, see anyone else's blog but mine. My Eight Random Facts: 1) Six of my nine babies were born at home, with my totally awesome husband catching. 2) My first real job was at age 10, "walking beans" in the hot Illinois sun to earn money for a pony. I made $75. $65 of that bought the pony, Comet, and her two colts, Little Red (the best horse I ever had) and the yet-unborn Stormy (for being foaled during a spring ice storm). 3) I started writ

Tagged again

Thanks, Becky . Read my VisualDNA ™ Get your own VisualDNA™ Who comes up with this stuff, anyway?? The ballet recital is Saturday. I'll post photos. Right now I'm too tired and stressed to blog much, except to note that I could seriously contemplate ditching SFF and historical novels and go straight to disgruntled granola mom-of-many lit. (If it hasn't already been done, I'll invent it!)