Tag-o-rama week ....

Okay, so ... first it was Rebecca, nominating me for the Thinking Blog award. Hmm, no wonder my head hurts ... but seriously, wow. Stellar. I stimulate people to Think Deeply! :::blushes:::

I think that's a good thing ... isn't it?

Blogs that make ME think ...

Karen Hancock
J. Mark Bertrand
Mick Silva
Dave Long
Rebecca Luella Miller

And then Becky and the VisualDNA (see earlier post) ....

Now Rebecca has sniffed me out for the 8 random facts thing ... maybe God knew I needed some hilarity in my week.

For the rules, see anyone else's blog but mine.

My Eight Random Facts:

1) Six of my nine babies were born at home, with my totally awesome husband catching.

2) My first real job was at age 10, "walking beans" in the hot Illinois sun to earn money for a pony. I made $75. $65 of that bought the pony, Comet, and her two colts, Little Red (the best horse I ever had) and the yet-unborn Stormy (for being foaled during a spring ice storm).

3) I started writing my first novel at age 15. I have revised it at least 20 times in at least as many years. The story is still very much alive because the characters rarely shut up.

4) My husband and I married barely 5 weeks after his high-school graduation. I'm 2 years older. We'll celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2 months.

5) I went to summer camp just before eighth grade in Sedalia, Colorado. I've always longed to go back and visit the West.

6) I took 2 semesters of New Testament Greek in college, and fell madly in love with a fellow student from Australia who actually sorta resembled Tom Burlinson.

7) In school, I was good at English, math, and sciences, but economics (and politics) made my eyes glaze. I've made up for it in later years, though, with all the research I've had to do.

8) I recently was fitted for my first set of reading glasses, but I can't decide if they really help or are just plain irritating. They have pink wire frames, and my husband thinks they're cute. (No measure at all of anything, I know ... the man is twitterpated.)

Okay, enough. I was going to put a #9, because some rules are meant to be bent, but ... I haven't the energy for any more introspection tonight ...'

Oh, yeah. And no tagging. Everyone I know has already done this. :-)


  1. HA! I bet those glasses do look cute. And I'm with you on econ/politics, only I've yet to make up for it/desire to do so.

  2. Well, I guess I should have gotten here a little sooner. :P



  3. Ha! Great list, Shannon. So you threw mine in as a blog that makes you think. Wow! Thanks.

    Did you read Karen Hancock's first post about hers being named? Hysterical. I wish I could write funny!;-)


  4. Thanks, y'all! And yes, Becky, I did see that post by Karen ... it was great! (I wish she hadn't thought later that it was too silly, but I've later regretted posts of my own, too ...)

  5. Well, gee, Shannon, thanks for the second vote on the thinking blog thing. [grin]. I had fun with the original post actually, just didn't want Rebecca to think I didn't properly appreciate her nomination!

    Anyway, this was fun. (And once again I'm WAAY late in finding it...)

    And now... for my SECOND time at the word verification...

  6. Hey there, stranger.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    I have reading glasses, too. But they are the cheapo ones that make my eyes look like bug eyes. My fam says I'm cute, too. (and they tend toward insanity - so I don't take much stock in it either) I own a pink, snakeskin, blue, black and white polka dot and a wild hippie pair of cheaters. And I stinking need them. : (

    Congrats on the Genesis final - again. Maybe see you in Dallas, maybe not - the wind isn't blowing me there yet.


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