Tagged again

Thanks, Becky.

Who comes up with this stuff, anyway??

The ballet recital is Saturday. I'll post photos. Right now I'm too tired and stressed to blog much, except to note that I could seriously contemplate ditching SFF and historical novels and go straight to disgruntled granola mom-of-many lit. (If it hasn't already been done, I'll invent it!)


  1. How fun! (I sort-of tagged you too. Hee heee!)

  2. I just did mine - dreamer.

  3. I know! Who does come up with this stuff. This one in particular is so elaborate! And ya gotta admit, they are pretty fun! ;-)

    Now we have to get on Beth to do hers.


  4. It WAS fun ... but I was ticked afterwards yesterday when I realized I'd "wasted" half an hour on it ...

    And yeah, Rebecca, I have to respond to yours too! :-)

    (Beth says she's being a rebel and not doing it at all ... she IS from Texas, so I guess that would explain it ... *giggie*)


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