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CSFF Blog Tour: Sharon Hinck & The Restorer, Day 3

Review of Restorer’s Son Susan’s time as Restorer is done, and the One has made His choice of another. The only problem is, this person doesn’t believe in the One, much less want to be Restorer. He spends half the story running from the One, but of course because we can’t outrun Him, the reluctant Restorer must face the One he’s trying so desperately not to trust. The characters in this one were just as engaging, and the story just as twisty. I did find myself wishing that certain aspects were fleshed out a little more (one of my own personal beefs about Christian fiction specifically is that so much of it seems rushed), but overall it was a very good read … and one scene halfway through the book is worth the whole read for its divine intimacy and majesty. The story ends with a major hook for the last installment of the trilogy, and I suspect that one will be the best one yet. God’s timing is impeccable with all things, and just getting this ARC in the mail had special significanc

CSFF Blog Tour: Sharon Hinck & The Restorer, Day 2

The Trouble with Tribbles, errr, Reviews Once upon a time, a young writer tried to console an older, more experienced writer over a bad review. Actually, the review wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t as glowing as the older writer would have wished. But the older writer was struggling against feeling crushed by the reviewer’s perception (and to a certain extent, misunderstanding) of her storyworld and characters. The young writer reminded the older writer that no one story will appeal to all readers. No one story will be understood by all readers. We, the participants of the Christian SFF blog tour, are believers in Christ, at least in name, and thus part of a larger family. Some Christians feel that all Christians should be strive to be “nice” in their reviews, that is, only speak things that are kind and agreeable. Others feel that Christians above all have an obligation to “call a spade a spade,” and be honest above all things. In reading the reviews for Sharon Hinck’s The Restorer

CSFF Blog Tour: Sharon Hinck & The Restorer

“Are you willing to walk any road that the One chooses for you?” Lukyan asked in a voice as soft as the rain. “I’m willing to go where He sends me,” I said with conviction. “If He can use me for His purpose, there is nothing that would make me happier. I just want to know how long I’ll be here. If He would only tell me when I’ll be back with Mark and my children, then I could accept this.” The hint of a whine slipped into my voice. Lukyan smiled. “To not know is then part of the gift you offer Him. It is where your obedience is tested.” My shoulders slumped. He was right. Back home, I kept begging God to use me, to show me His purpose. But there were no answers that satisfied me. I suddenly saw how much of my service came with an “if.” I’ll support my husband if I feel loved and cherished. I’ll raise my children if I can feel fulfillment and respect. I'll reach out to a friend if I can see results. And yes, I’ll even go through trials bravely--if I understand the purpose