CSFF Blog Tour: Sharon Hinck & The Restorer, Day 3

Review of Restorer’s Son

Susan’s time as Restorer is done, and the One has made His choice of another. The only problem is, this person doesn’t believe in the One, much less want to be Restorer. He spends half the story running from the One, but of course because we can’t outrun Him, the reluctant Restorer must face the One he’s trying so desperately not to trust.

The characters in this one were just as engaging, and the story just as twisty. I did find myself wishing that certain aspects were fleshed out a little more (one of my own personal beefs about Christian fiction specifically is that so much of it seems rushed), but overall it was a very good read … and one scene halfway through the book is worth the whole read for its divine intimacy and majesty. The story ends with a major hook for the last installment of the trilogy, and I suspect that one will be the best one yet.

God’s timing is impeccable with all things, and just getting this ARC in the mail had special significance. This whole series to me has represented the fulfillment of the desire to break into the CSFF market, and when I held Restorer’s Son in my hands, it was like God said to me, see, I can make it happen for you, too.

But, His timing is everything.

Scroll down to the last two days' posts for the list of other participants. Lots of interesting discussion going on, and some free books being given away.

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