God is awesome ....

My kewl thing to report is that it's working out for me to attend the ACFW conference after all! This is totally God ... and I'm still in awe over it. I've also decided not to waste time worrying about what will happen or what I'll say to whom when I get there. First order of business is for me to get those first three chapters revised ... and last night I made it as far as chapter two. (Another miracle, given my schedule and mental state lately!)

And, in God's usual marvelous economy, the Sunday morning sermons at church have been from the book of Habakkuk, which is an amazing little overview of how to handle life when all seems thrown into confusion and despair, and everything is falling apart around our ears. Today's sermon especially seem to encapsulate and reinforce what the ladies' Bible study had been learning in Beth Moore's Believing God, which we just finished. (What an amazing study ... and grueling!)

And on me not tagging anyone specifically, how about this? Leave me a comment if you want to play. (John, it's awesome to hear from you! And you need to post that at your own blog, if you haven't already!) Rebecca, consider yourself tagged. :-)

Update on the Impossible Revision ... as of last night, I'm into chapter two. This is the deep one, dealing with some very knotty problems pointed out by the very perceptive new crit partner God sent me a few months ago ... I really, really have not felt mentally or intellectually able to do even half of what I could see needed work, but I recently made a decision to stop focusing on how slow-witted and stupid I feel, and instead thank God that He is the source of all wisdom and knowledge and true imagination ... just look at the world around us! The heavens declare the glory of God ...


  1. {{{{Shannon}}}}

    And how cool that God worked out the details for you to attend the conference. If He can do that, He can certainly help you with your revision work :-)

    Tammy ~@~


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