Once upon a star ...

I have in the past struggled mightily with what one might term "professional jealousy" ... that ache that seizes a person when someone else gets their manuscript written (and seems to have more time to do it in), or signs on with an agent, or has a book accepted for publication. I'm better these days at fending it off, but this morning I had a really nifty thought ...

Consider the stars in the sky ... is the significance of one diminished because of the others? Do they waste time in vying for the 'best' position in the sky? Does Arcturus suffer jealousy just because it is not Polaris (the 'north star')?

I think not. The more stars we see, the more glorious the night sky appears. And not seeing the 'lesser' stars does not mean they aren't there, or that they aren't significant ... they all burn as brightly for their Creator. And I believe they are each fully aware of the significance of their place in the universe, and the glow we see is one of awe and gratitude to the One who set them in their places.

So let it be with us.


  1. Shannon, this is an awesome post. Great insight! Thanks for posting it.


  2. I guess the big distinction here is that the stars are burning for their Creator, and we try to burn for each other...If only that weren't so hard to get past! Even for us moms who aren't trying to get published. Since there are things we ARE trying to do and we have to do them for our Creator, too... :)


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