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CSFF Day 3: Chris Walley and Puritans in Space (or, More from Christian Fandom)

Best Chris Walley Quote ever: ...'Puritans in Space'. (Great film title isn't it? Imagine lines such as 'I pray you, Master Spock, by God's grace we must strive for Warp Five and trust to Providence for more dilithium crystals.') That was also from the November 2006 interview, after being asked about his story concept by Diane Baker. More Q&A from the interview: I enjoyed reading your article on the theological background of your book. [see the link on the title heading] I've never heard the post-millennial view put so clearly. It's given me a lot to think about and you have some great points. Right now I consider myself a pan-millenialist. It'll all pan out in the end. LOL Three days a week I'm pan-millennialist too! Do you have a favorite place for writing? We have a garden shed, with the sea view and a nice table. I think from the moment we got it three years ago, I have done about two hours of writing in it! I have a corner o

CSFF Day 2: Chris Walley's interview with Christian Fandom

Okay, I promised it, so here it is ... and first an update! Jenny's baby was born this morning around 7:40, and while I didn't get to be there, I was in prayer for her and then got to see her and hold sweet Coral Maria when she was only 3 hours old! Okay, now for Chris Walley, from November 2006: Tell us about your background, birthplace, where and when you grew up, what your childhood was like, etc.? I was born in north Wales but our family moved to Lancashire in northern England when I was just four. One result of this is that I never really felt either Welsh or a Lancastrian; even now after twenty years living in Wales, I still feel like an ‘adopted’ Welshman. I can’t say that it was a particularly happy childhood. I was very bookish and very insecure, two factors that created a gulf between me and my school colleagues. It was all made worse by a stunning error of judgment in which I got sent to secondary school a year earlier than everybody else and so struggled for m

February CSFF blog tour: Chris Walley's The Shadow and Night

This month we are featuring The Shadow and Night by Chris Walley , first volume in a deliciously hefty trilogy being published by Tyndale. I own this as two separate paperbacks, as it was originally published, The Shadow at Evening and The Power of the Night , subsequently re-released when Tyndale adjusted their imprints. This series could best be described as science fantasy, set in a future beyond our earth in a utopian, ideal society where all worship the One True God … but then things start to slowly go wrong. Pastoral settings and space battles, this series has it all—and both my husband and oldest son (aged 15 at the time) loved the first two (original) volumes. That alone gives the series points in my book. I’m ashamed to admit how long it too me to read them yet—they sat on my To Be Read shelf forever, and then I lent them to a friend, whose family also enjoys them. Some may be put off by the slow beginning and Chris’s slightly archaic (to American ears) writing style, bu