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CSFF blog tour links, fixed :-)

Yesterday's links, cleaned up and reposted ... again, my apologies. I've read a bit farther, but it's been a very busy week already and I'm preparing to go out of town Friday and Saturday (I get to attend a Beth Moore event a few hours away!!), so no promises ... but please visit the other tour members for wonderful content! Sally Apokedak Brandon Barr Jim Black Justin Boyer Jackie Castle Valerie Comer CSFF Blog Tour Gene Curtis D. G. D. Davidson Janey DeMeo Jeff Draper April Erwin Beth Goddard Marcus Goodyear Todd Green Jill Hart Katie Hart Michael Heald Timothy Hicks Christopher Hopper Jason Joyner Kait Carol Keen Mike Lynch Margaret Rachel Marks Rebecca LuElla Miller Pamela Morrisson John W. Otte Deena Peterson Rachelle Steve Rice Cheryl Russell Ashley Rutherford Chawna Schroeder James Somers Donna Swanson Steve Trower Speculative Faith Robert Treskillard Jason Waguespac Laura Williams Timothy Wise

Wonky links

My apologies for the weird links on the other CSFF participants ... the coding looks fine when I try to edit the page (and I've done so twice now) ... if it hasn't cleared up by tomorrow, I'll repost the links.

CSFF Blog Tour: Andrew Peterson and On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

Another gorgeous cover from WaterBrook! Um, er, I really don't read books based on cover art. But it just helps to add to the experience, y'know? I'd intended to sit out this month's tour, but when I was at the bookstore two weeks ago for a tax-return splurge purchase, this cover practically leaped out at me and begged me to buy it. A quick perusal of the contents promised that I wouldn't be sorry. A more thorough sampling, and I knew the story would be a keeper ... but once again, this has been one of those "husband and older sons stealing the book and passing it around before I can finish it," and I'm still reading. I have to say, though, I'm completely charmed so far. (And those footnotes? Some people might be annoyed, but my family and I are finding them vastly entertaining!) And what is this book? Andrew Peterson's On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness , first of The Wingfeather Saga. (You have to love the subtitle: Adventure. Peril