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A Bit of May-ness Fun, and an Appeal for a Friend

My friend Ronie Kendig emailed the other day with a message about a Christian author we both know, John Olson. John's newest book, Fossil Hunter, is officially releasing tomorrow, and although our Christian SFF blog tour group has voted to not feature it because the genre doesn't fit our guidelines (we WILL be featuring his new spec fic title Shade later this year), John is a great guy and a wonderful writer and I've heard nothing but praise from those who've gotten to read this book. And so, I'm posting a plug for him and the novel. Here's Ronie's brilliant and sometimes hilarious email: EXPELLED THE MOVIE FOSSIL HUNTER, THE NOVEL LEARN HOW TO WIN AN iPOD TOUCH! TELL A FRIEND!! It is with a joyful, yet heavy heart that I begin this campaign. You see, a beloved brother of mine is also an author—an author whose awesome book is priming for launch—and in order to save his career, John Olson could really use stellar sales numbers and fans/friends to help

What I've been researching, part 2

I finished Andrew Peterson’s On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness and found it completely delightful! (And yes, I saw the twist coming a mile away, but it was still fun.) Now, where was I . . . oh, yes. What I’ve been researching. It’s been three years since the Rev War reenactment that sparked my interest in campfollowing wives and family. I did a bit of preliminary research—enough to find out that the story about widows having to attach themselves to a man or be left behind was a common reenacting myth. Officially, women whose husbands died in battle were sent back to England—or they could remarry if they chose, and often did. Hm, I thought. That sort of takes the edge off of the crisis . . . Or does it? What if the newly-widowed girl had strong motivation to NOT return to England? What if, what if . . . Another year passed before the story would fully bloom to life in my head. I signed my older children up for an archaeological field trip at a local historic site, Old Fort D