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Christian Sci-Fi/Fantasy Blog Tour: Kathryn Mackel's Vanished

A very quick blog tour post to mention Kathryn Mackel's newest title, Vanished . I haven't yet read this one (been busy with ACFW's Book of the Year judging and a whole heap of real life), but Kathy is one of my favorite authors--she's a darling person as well as a wonderful writer! Readers may remember when we blogged about her Birthright series , Outrider and Trackers , a couple of years ago. Vanished is another of her trademark "Christian chiller" genre, which doesn't shrink from revealing darkness as it is, and then is always overcome by the awesomely beautiful power of God. And NEWSFLASH! Kathy shared in a recent newsletter that she's going to be writing book 3 of the Birthright series! I'm so thrilled! Some nifty links: Kathy's Web site – Her blog (I LOVE this one!) – In addition to actually reading the book, I'm looking forward to seeing what others have to