CSFF Tour: Sigmund Brouwer's Broken Angel

When did August get here? Weren't we supposed to have a summer?

This month's tour features an author I've enjoyed for a LONG time: Sigmund Brouwer. Some of my favorite titles include the young adult medieval adventure series Winds of Light, the western Ghost Rider series, and several of his suspense novels, including the excellent Out of the Shadows, set right here in Charleston. So when we were offered a chance to preview a couple of chapters of his new title, Broken Angel, I was on it.

This story is, of course, speculative: a slightly futuristic tale of a not-normal girl whose father tries to protect her from those who want to exploit her, um, different-ness. Add to the mix one creepy fundamentalist group, an even more creepy bounty hunter, several other characters of unknown allegiance, and you have--but wait, I don't plan to do a full review until tomorrow or Wednesday.

In the meantime, to find out more about the author: http://www.coolreading.com/

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  1. Great intro, Shannon. I'm so glad we decided to do this tour. Sigmund is an excellent writer and this story has some thought-provoking, relevant themes.


  2. This is my first Brouwer book, and I'm liking it so far (not finished yet). If I still like it by the end, I will definitely go back and check out his other work.

  3. Shannon, I read Sigmund Brouwer's book, the Last Disciple, during the summer. I wasn't sure what to expect with Broken Angel, but it's an interesting story.



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