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CSFF Tour: Marcher Lord Press

Forgive my lateness in posting ... I didn't return from the ACFW conference this year until late on Monday, only to have my laptop's wireless card die. Since I otherwise have to share the "good" computer with ... yeah, nine other people, it's been a bit difficult to get on and do this. But anyway--I'm really excited to be talking this month about Marcher Lord Press , which is Jeff Gerke's new project. Jeff has had the vision--and God has given him the means--to exclusively publish Christian speculative fiction (SF, fantasy, and the like), with technology that allows him not only to break even much sooner than with traditional publishing, but to more quickly reach the main audience for Christian SFF. For more details on just what Marcher Lord Press is, and how it got its name, check out the link. For more info on Jeff, and what else he's doing, check out his website, WhereTheMapEnds . From what little I've been able to read on other blogs during

Seven years later ...

Remembering ... May we never forget. TOWERED BY FAITH: A 9/11 RETROSPECTIVE And, happy birthday, Jessica.