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Forgive my lateness in posting ... I didn't return from the ACFW conference this year until late on Monday, only to have my laptop's wireless card die. Since I otherwise have to share the "good" computer with ... yeah, nine other people, it's been a bit difficult to get on and do this.

But anyway--I'm really excited to be talking this month about Marcher Lord Press, which is Jeff Gerke's new project. Jeff has had the vision--and God has given him the means--to exclusively publish Christian speculative fiction (SF, fantasy, and the like), with technology that allows him not only to break even much sooner than with traditional publishing, but to more quickly reach the main audience for Christian SFF. For more details on just what Marcher Lord Press is, and how it got its name, check out the link.

For more info on Jeff, and what else he's doing, check out his website, WhereTheMapEnds.

From what little I've been able to read on other blogs during this tour, two things have emerged: 1) MLP is a really kewl idea, and 2) Jeff is a really kewl guy. I can't comment on what happened during the editor panel, because I'd gotten about an hour and and a half of sleep the night before, and Michelle, the friend I was staying with, had agreed that we'd cut out early and go home. However, Michelle had asked me to ride along when she picked Jeff up at the airport earlier in the day, and I was so impressed with Jeff's ability to make people immediately feel comfortable by his questions--and then by listening! I was a little embarrassed at how easily he had me nattering about my writing and how I knew him in the Christian SFF world. :-)

I also have to say that after sitting back for a while, just listening and watching about this whole MLP idea and reserving opinions, I'm increasingly impressed with the concept. Though I personally still dream of having my books in a physical bookstore, after hearing Jeff present his vision this past weekend (and seeing how God has opened doors for him to make it happen), I think this is fantastic. Jeff is doing a brave thing in publishing--more so in Christian publishing--and all my prayers are with him for its success.

Just a few comments:

1) MLP is NOT self-publishing or "vanity" press. It's a small press using POD (print-on-demand) technology.

2) Anybody who hasn't finished a manuscript need not submit (see MLP guidelines).

3) MLP is NOT merely a "last option" for those who "can't cut it" in the traditional market. Period! It's a whole new venue with its own platform and audience.

Go, Jeff! And go, God!!

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  1. Great post, Shannon. How fun that you got to meet Jeff as he is about to launch this new venture. I bet he's excited.


  2. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Great post! So glad you had fun at ACFW! And you got hang with Jeff! Yay!

    So, John was showing people my sketch? *turns into a tomato* How very embarrassing. LOL...

    Hope you're writing is going good! Be sure to let us know how the con went, for all us one-con-a-year- people-who-wish-they-could-do-everything-but-don't-want-their-husband-to-have-a-nervous-break-down. :D

    Can't wait to buy Hero, Second Class.

  3. Its okay to be late.. I have my own excuses.. (academics...so many exams this week..that Philosophy exam was killer..) Marcher Lord's Press seems to be an answer to my prayers. For I may have an outlet to submit my story whenever its finished. I'll do whatever I can to support this publisher. I really love the philosophy of the publisher and most of all unlike the mainstream fantasy/scifi section.. there seems to be a lot of creative ideas being displayed within all three books!!

  4. Great post, girlie! I am very excited for spec fic and for Jeff/MLP!

  5. Shannon,
    Hero, Second Class is one of the funniest books I've read in a LONG time.

    I'm sure you'll be happy to learn that I tagged you over at fantasythyme. Hope you decide to play. It's my first tag, and sounds pretty easy. ;)



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