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ACFW Conference 2008: Part 2, Thursday: "the dreams I dream for you"

First thing I gotta do, post this video: I'm not thrilled about the visuals (I like real, official music videos and not mere collages of photos, for the most part), but this is the ONLY YouTube recording I could find of this song: "Dreams I Dream For You," by the group Avalon. It encapsulates everything this conference was for me ... so listen in, and feel free to ignore the video. :-) Wednesday night had some amazing fellowship (and prayer) ... and then I stayed awake talking to Kelly, who shared a room with me at Michelle's, until almost 1:30 AM ... And I popped awake soon after 2 AM, from a really weird dream, and couldn't get back to sleep until about 5. I woke up for good about 6. I plotted story, I prayed for people as they came to mind, I argued a bit with God. I was ticked. Really ticked. I'd flown in a day early just so I'd be properly rested, etc. etc. etc. ... and I knew this was God's way of keeping me on my toes, properly dependen

ACFW Conference 2008 - Part 1, Wednesday

I'm going to attempt to journal this year's conference experience ... I say attempt, because it's more than a month ago and details get fuzzy with time. :-) First of all, I flew in a day early and left a day late because I have family in that part of the country (Minneapolis, Minnesota) and couldn't NOT go see them after traveling so far. AirTran rearranged their schedules after my two traveling companions and I made our reservations, and we wound up getting there early enough for a fun cookout at the house of my good friend and critique partner Michelle Griep . Gina Holmes and Kelly Klepfer, goofing around while Kelly cooks--and boy, can she cook! Lime chicken on the grill ... mmmmmmm mm! My local groupies Holly Smith and Brenda Carroll, talking with Therese Stenzel in Michelle's very cute backyard. Some of you might remember that Michelle, Kelly, and I were all roomies two years ago in Dallas, along with Terri Thompson, who also came to the cookout with her

To Blog or Not To Blog ...

Yeah, I've been away from regular blogging/journaling/whatever for a while ... several months ago (longer?) I started paring away things--some of them really fun, good things--that were getting in the way of other more important--some of them crucial--things that I needed to give more attention to. Like, schooling my kids. And trying to get the clutter nest that is our house under better control. And, writing words that when added together would make a possibly saleable novel ... Blogging for me has sometimes been a leak on my creativity. It isn't that for everyone ... and my intention right now is to ease back into posting a little more often, even if just a snippet of something interesting I ran across in my research, or a quick update on me and the family. (I appreciate those of you who care enough to come here and check on me!) Right now, we're doing okay. Some family drama, some job drama, some writing drama. What else is new, right?? For the past year, I've been