To Blog or Not To Blog ...

Yeah, I've been away from regular blogging/journaling/whatever for a while ... several months ago (longer?) I started paring away things--some of them really fun, good things--that were getting in the way of other more important--some of them crucial--things that I needed to give more attention to. Like, schooling my kids. And trying to get the clutter nest that is our house under better control. And, writing words that when added together would make a possibly saleable novel ...

Blogging for me has sometimes been a leak on my creativity. It isn't that for everyone ... and my intention right now is to ease back into posting a little more often, even if just a snippet of something interesting I ran across in my research, or a quick update on me and the family. (I appreciate those of you who care enough to come here and check on me!)

Right now, we're doing okay. Some family drama, some job drama, some writing drama. What else is new, right?? For the past year, I've been working on not just one but TWO novels, the RevWar historical (hence my blog theme) and another installment in my Gift series. It feels rather like I imagine being pregnant with twins would feel. (Writing a book feels very much to me like carrying and birthing a baby anyway ...) In the meantime, I'm trying very hard to hear from God each day and be obedient in the details of managing my household and loving my husband and children and being a blessing to others God brings into my life ...

I want to get at least one book done and ready to submit to an agent/editor by March. But there's a lot going on--maybe even more than usual, and we're heading into the holidays.

So, I need prayer. As often as God brings me to mind ... I know He is my strength and my sufficiency, and it seems He's teaching me new dimensions of that all the time ... and I know He is always here and that all things work together for good ... but sometimes it's really hard to stay focused on Him. Pray however He leads, but that's what I need ... and I'm humbling myself to ask.

Thanks, friends.


  1. Shannon, I appreciate your post. And as God brings you to mind, I will be praying for you, my friend.


  2. Anonymous8:25 AM

    I'm glad you're still plugging away! I certainly understand the need for a blog-break now and then.


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