ACFW 2008: Part 3, Friday, & Agent/Editor Appointments

Friday ... uh, yeah. First day of continuing education sessions. First editor and agent appointments. Lots of other stuff going on too.

I'd wound up with two editor appointments and one agent appointments--one was all I'd requested--and pretty soon after I got to Minneapolis, Michelle offered me another agent appointment. She didn't need it; she had two other agents offering her representation on the novel she just finished, and was having trouble deciding which to go with. (What a wonderful problem to have!) At first I brushed her off, but early Thursday morning changed my mind. I was pretty sure that the one agent I'd requested an appointment with was the one I wanted, but what appealed to me about the other was that she's worked on the ABA (secular publishing) side and is seeking to take on CBA (Christian publishing) writers. Since I've not been completely convinced my stories really fit in the CBA, I thought it might be an option worth exploring.

So ... one editor and one agent appointment (the one I'd requested) on Friday. One was with Charlene at Bethany House; it went well and she seemed moderately interested in my historical. The agent appointment also went well, and although he graciously looked at both proposals (I took one for Loyalty's Cadence, my historical, and one for Son of the Gift, the installment of my fantasy series currently in process), he pretty much told me what I expected to hear: that the market "isn't quite ready" for the fantasy, and that the historical is much more marketable. But, he also paid me a compliment or two in the process that I hadn't expected, and understands my need to keep working on the "story of my heart." That was so very encouraging.

To be continued ... (I'm taking this in small increments so it isn't overwhelming!)


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