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Where to start over ...

Has it really been last November since I posted? Sheesh. I haven't done so because I didn't feel I had anything very meaningful to say. Most of the family has been deep in preparations for the annual ballet recital, which was last Saturday night and went VERY well. I was enmeshed in sewing, as usual. This year the theme was this fantastic twist on the parable of the prodigal son, with a Celtic twist. We've experienced some changes--my husband started a new job after about six months of his own personal drama. I'm extremely thankful right now that he has work when all around us, people are losing jobs or taking pay cuts. And my kids are healthy and overall good kids, though experiencing the normal growing pains of their various stages. My 18 year old son is close to graduating from high school and almost as close to finishing an associate's degree at the local community college. He's also been exploring the reaches of his own faith and visiting a friend's c