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CSFF Tour Time! Karen Hancock's The Enclave

I've been off the tour bandwagon for some time--well, off the blogging one too--because of the need these past several months to focus in on my family and writing, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to join in for Karen Hancock's new book, The Enclave . But typical to the crazy-busy-ness that is my life these days, I haven't yet procured a copy. (Among other things, ACFW's Book of the Year judging had me reading like a madwoman right up to the middle of last week.) Karen has been a very most favorite author since I first discovered her 'way back when Arena was first on the shelf. And hers is currently the only blog I actually have delivered to my email address. Yes, I'm weird about that--my online reading goes in spurts and I hate having emails pile up--but hers are always worth it, always relevant to whatever I'm walking through spiritually (even if I don't read it until three weeks later), always thought-provoking (even if I disagree). :-)