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CSFF Blog Tour: Donita K. Paul's The Vanishing Sculptor

It's that time again! I’m coming along on this month’s tour to feature Donita K. Paul once again, this time with the first of a new series, related to but separate from her DragonKeeper Chronicles. The Vanishing Sculptor is the story of Tipper, a winsome emerlindian girl who is desperately trying to manage her artist father’s estate after his disappearance years before. This story has some interesting differences from DragonSpell, but I won’t go into them. Others have reviewed this book, and I’m learning that I can’t really be objective about stories written by people I love. Instead, I want to mention that this past weekend was the annual ACFW Conference , where Donita won Mentor of the Year to a standing ovation. I’m so thrilled for her! She pours herself out continually to help growing writers (I have been one of those), and in my opinion, she’s Mentor of the Decade! Time constraints this week keep me from posting all that I'd like, but as always, please visit t

Bitter Chivalry 4 is up!

Part 4 of my flash fic series, Bitter Chivalry, is up at Christian Fiction Online Magazine: The links to the first three installments are included, in case you haven't read what comes before. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be able to tell this story and have it in print. This was the hardest piece to write, yet ...