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Mepkin Abbey Creche Festival

We had family photos done at Mepkin Abbey three years ago (including my profile photo) but I hadn't been back there since, despite mentioning the place in my most recent story. Our family was invited out there today, with friends, for the annual Creche Festival , which I found ever-so-delightful. What better way to launch the Christmas season but a celebration of nativity scenes from around the world? In the courtyard outside the abbey library, where the nativity scenes were displayed, I saw this beautiful tree and tried to capture the sunlight shining through its branches. Inside the library, the first thing we saw was this nifty tree made of a thousand origami crane. (I'm not sure how the formatting of the rest is going to turn out ... captions are supposed to appear beside the photos!) Some of my favorites ... a nativity from Italy, of terra cotta dressed in real fabrics ... such detail!! Part of a nativity scene from Germany where woodland animals j

Bitter Chivalry #5 is up!

Yay!! Installment #5 of my flash fic series, “Bitter Chivalry,” is in the November issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine. The sixth and final installment is scheduled to appear in the March 2010 issue. (Links to the previous installments are included at the site.) Hurray for CFOM! (Please make sure you check out the rest of the zine, too.)